3 Things To Remember On Exam Results Day

It’s August which can only mean one thing, (apart from the fact it’s going to get even HOTTER), exam results ARE ALMOST HERE! It’s honestly crazy how quick the time has gone, almost two months ago I was sitting my first A-Level exam and now, I’ll soon be collecting the results! I know a lot of you reading have been taking your GCSEs and A Levels, or soon will be meaning that one day (whether its this month like me, or in a few years time) will be collecting your results. Let me tell you, it is a hell of an experience; the nerves, the excitement and being surrounded by all your friends feeling the same and thankfully, at my GCSE results day, it was a good experience (read about it HERE!). However, I wanted to share my advice on things to keep in mind for when you go and collect your results, from staying positive, how to stay calm and things to remember.

ALSO, if you haven’t noticed already on my blog I have a new category at the top called ‘student life’. After reflecting upon my life and blog, I’ve realised that being a student is obviously a BIG part of my life (yes Tash, that’s because you ARE one) and I love sharing my advice about it. I’ve been through GCSEs, A Levels and now am about to go off to university and I really want to just chat about it and share my tips to make your experiences through them even better! I asked what you all thought on twitter about more ‘schooly’ posts and I was so overwhelmed with the positivity back. Don’t worry, I’m not straying from all my other types of posts AT ALL, but please let me know anything you’d like me to write about to do with school, sixth form, uni- anything!

Okay, enough rambling here’s my three top tips for results day…


Think Rationally

As I have already experienced the crazy ride of GCSEs, I can confess that on the morning of results day I was doubting EVERYTHING I had done. Walking to school, I was adamant “I should have revised more” and “There is no way I’m going to do well in Maths”. Do you know what all that worrying achieved? NOTHING. All that questioning just gets you all worried over something in which is now out of your control. Think about it, you have completed those exam papers over a month ago, therefore your grades have actually been determined for a month, but you’re only worried about them NOW because you’re soon collecting them. You can’t go back and change what you did, you did the best you possibly could in that paper so why worry because it couldn’t have gone any better? Let me make this clear- the results you achieve do not define you, and ultimately, are not the end of the world. At the time, GCSEs felt like my whole world, but looking back- they really weren’t. Yes, it’s important to do well, but you can honestly achieve whatever you want whether you get the grades you want or not, as long as you are determined, you will get there.

Be Prepared For The Unexpected

Its horrible to admit, but sometimes results day cannot go the way you hoped. I am extremely lucky that I haven’t experienced this yet, yes I have received results where I thought “If only I could have got the next grade up”, but it hasn’t been life-changing. Mainly for A-Level results, we all know how important it is to get a certain grade as fundamentally, it determines whether you get into your university or not. I’m sure you have done amazingly, but we (myself included) must think about what to do if we do not get the results we are PRAYING for. I highly recommend getting your results as early as possible therefore if you receive results that do not meet the entry requirements for your uni, you can start sorting it out ASAP. Ensure you have someone with you that can help you and get ringing universities, UCAS and whoever to ensure you get in somewhere you want to be. There will be teachers at school so ask them for help too.

HOWEVER, be prepared for the unexpected in a good way too! We are very hard on ourselves, and tend to massively underestimate our abilities that I’m certain lots of you will be very surprised how well you did! I remember thinking I had failed Spanish (because I didn’t understand A WORD in the listening exam LOL) and believing I had missed getting an A in Maths. But SOMEHOW I got a B in Spanish and got the A in Maths- I literally could have cried ahaha. Just prepare for the worst- but don’t rule out the best either.

Be Proud 

Exams are freaking HARD okay. They are designed to test you, and in my opinion, can sometimes be too difficult and unobtainable. Through both GCSEs and A-Levels, I deffo cried multiple times thinking “I can’t do this” because I found the whole process so hard and draining- I’m sure a lot of you did too. Regardless of the grades, you have obtained, YOU DID IT. We have been through years and years of education, months of revision, hours of flashcards and a load of last minute cramming. It’s an achievement just to get through all of that still sane, to be honest. Be proud of yourself and all the effort you have put into these exams. These exams do not define you in any way, they are a big part of your life right now but in no way do they determine how worthy you are.


Congrats if you made it this far through the post- I seem to have just rambled for SO LONG but results day is so important so I wanted to help as much as I can! These tips can apply universally; GCSE, A Level and Uni results, but even if you’re waiting for results on a job interview, admissions tests or work tests!

Good luck to every single one of you with your results, I’ve spoken to so many of you and have seen how hard you all have been working- I’M proud of you all. Let me know how you all get on!

Tash x




  1. August 11, 2018 / 5:41 pm

    Great post Tash, good luck with your results! Beautiful photos as well! Xx

  2. August 11, 2018 / 8:35 pm

    I’m absolutely dreading GCSE results day, haha. Thanks for these tips because I know I’m going to be a mess. I can’t wait for more posts to do with student life! Super excited for that x

  3. August 12, 2018 / 2:17 pm

    Loved the post! Where di you get your planner from – it’s so gorgeous! xx

  4. August 18, 2018 / 12:46 pm

    Congrats on getting your A Level results Tash! This post was definitely helpful & good at calming my nerves for GCSE results next week😂

    Soph | http://www.lovesoph.co.uk

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